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Web Design

Design Resource Group design is an integral part of creating a website that differentiates a business from its competitors. Furthermore, it requires more than using basic colors and images blended in with some text. It involves melding market research, technical know-how, and a keen sense of aesthetics. It is all about balancing many goals at the same time and finding the perfect match between the display of graphics and information. Whether you?re looking for a custom website design or an eye catching website redesign.

Design Philosophy

Design Resource Group firmly believes the design concept should possess both functional and qualitative aspects. Specifically, it must evoke a positive first impression; a sense and feel that creates a rich and rewarding user experience. That?s why our design process is completely client-focused, with an emphasis on brand alignment and positioning strategy. The creative team works with you to determine the website design or website redesign approach that best reflects your organizational identity and communicates a concise message. In cases where the website is the starting point of a broader marketing campaign, we can creates a series of deigns based on your vision for how the website should be structured to maximize its operation and marketing effectiveness.


Design Resource Group employs the participatory design model for all its projects. In this model the client plays a significant role in the design of the project through constant feedback to the instructional designer and project manager. This approach guarantees the success of the project, as well as the satisfaction of the client.

Recent Work